Absolute Dressage by Veredus & Isabell Werth

Posted January 19th 2021

Veredus have teamed up with Isabell Werth to design their new range of dressage boots. With more than 30 years of experience at the highest level dressage, Isabell has incomparable knowledge of what a dressage horse needs from a set of boots.

It goes without saying, horses’ legs are delicate, so protecting your horse’s legs from accidental injuries and trauma is extremely important. Not only that, it is also important to ensure that the ligaments and joints are well supported during training exercises.

Tendon and fetlock boots should be comfortable for the horse and provide support for the ligaments, whilst also having anatomical hard shell, that can protect tendons and bones without compromising the horse’s freedom of movement.

After hundreds of tests, Isabell Werth and Veredus have developed their Absolute Dressage Boots Collection, which in Isabell’s opinion are "the best dressage boots of all time”.

The Absolute Dressage Boots:

The Veredus Absolute Dressage Boots are ideal for protecting your horse's legs during dressage warm-ups and flatwork.

The innovative shape and materials used, ensures the best support and protection for tendons and ligaments during exercise, and the boots also cover the front of the cannon bone area.

The external shell is made from Polyflex (elastic polyurethane) to provide effective protection against accidental knocks and impacts, whilst the inner lining consists of neoprene and Lycra for excellent comfort in all conditions.

Both designs are available in Black and White, in Medium (Full) and Large (X-Full).

Veredus Absolute Dressage Boots – Elastic, £149.00

Veredus Absolute Elastic Dressage Tendon Boots

Front: https://www.equiport.co.uk/products/horse/protective-boots/absolute-dressage-boots--elastic-front-v115/

Hind: https://www.equiport.co.uk/products/horse/protective-boots/absolute-dressage-boots--elastic-hind-v116/ 

Veredus Absolute Dressage Boots – Velcro “Easy Strap”, £149.00

Veredus Absolute Velcro Easy Strap Dressage Tendon Boots

Front: https://www.equiport.co.uk/products/horse/protective-boots/absolute-dressage-boots-velcro-easy-strap--front-v117/

Hind: https://www.equiport.co.uk/products/horse/protective-boots/absolute-dressage-boots-velcro-easy-strap--hind-v118/ 

Availability and prices correct at time of publishing.

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