Bombers Bit Happy Tongue Loose Ring Snaffle – What’s the buzz about?

Posted July 26th 2018

As you’ve probably heard the Bombers Bits Happy Tongue Loose Ring Snaffle has become a very popular bit of choice recently and we’ve finally got them back in stock here at Equiport! With our eagerly awaited delivery having arrived, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to take a closer look at this bit and how it could be suitable for your horse.

Bombers Bits Happy Tongue Loose Ring Snaffle

Bombers have been developing top quality equine products for over 30 years. Their main focus is providing ground-breaking solutions to challenging problems riders may have with their horses - particularly in regards to bitting. This incredible brand combines their innovative designs with handmade quality, attention to detail and testing by world renowned riders. All this, has resulted in world-class horse products, which can completely change the way your horse’s way of going. This successful formula has now been applied to a variety of disciplines including Dressage, Endurance, Polo, Polocrosse, Racing, Eventing and Showjumping.

The Happy Tongue Snaffle from Bombers Bits is designed with a medium port to create space for the tongue, meaning that your horse has relief from tongue pressure and is encouraged to be ridden in a relaxed way. Due to the medium port, this bit is often suitable for horses with sensitive or large tongues as it gives them more space in the mouth and limits the overall pressure.

There are a number of signs which will indicate to you that your horse has increased tongue sensitivity and these include your horse shaking his head when bit pressure is applied, putting the tongue out of the side of the mouth or trying to get his tongue over the bit. Other signs which are also worth noting, are your horse sucking his tongue back and as a result making an intermittent coughing noise, going behind the bit to avoid the contact and also snatching the reins forward and down in order to resist any kind of bit pressure.

The loose rings keep the bit mobile in the horse's mouth, encouraging gentle mouthing and discouraging 'fixing' against the contact. They also allow for immediate relief from pressure when rein aids are relaxed, thus rewarding the horse quickly for a correct response.

Bombers make their bits from the incredible blue sweet iron, which is a characteristic which we have all come to know and love from the brand. Sweet iron will rust when it comes into contact with (air) humidity; the surface rust tastes sweet and naturally stimulates the saliva production. Due to the fact the horse is salivating and the bit warms up quickly, it will encourage better acceptance of the bit as a whole. The rusting process (oxidation) changes the blue colour of the Bomber Bit to a brownish-grey. If it is not used for a while, a sweet iron bit will develop an orange-brown rust layer on the mouthpiece. You can simply remove this by wiping the bit with a damp cloth.

The rider will know immediately if this is the correct bit, as a horse with a sensitive tongue will finally begin to work into, and accept the contact. Changing the cheekpieces would then allow you to adjust the level of control. The Bombers Happy Tongue Loose Ring is dressage legal, so whatever kind of horse you have, if he is showing signs of sensitivity then this could be your answer!

Bomber’s Nel explains more about the Happy Tongue in this video below:

Whether your horse is sensitive, pokes his nose up and out, pulls his head down or has a more specialised problem – Bombers will more than likely have something which will completely change your horse’s way of going for the better! Check out the entire Bombers Bit range.

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