Equiport Saddle Cloths – What are the different types?

Posted June 12th 2019

Our bespoke Equiport Saddle Cloths are one of our most-popular products and are loved by so many riders across the globe. We offer numerous different styles, to suit all kinds of horses, but we know choosing the perfect one for your saddle, can be a little overwhelming. With this in-mind, we thought we’d run through all of our different saddle cloth designs, and help you decide which type is going to be the best suited for your horse and saddle shape.

Equiport Original Bespoke Saddle Cloth

First up, is our original Equiport Saddle Cloth, from £48.00 – this is the style, which has been around the longest, and is arguably the most-loved. Perfect for show jumping and general purpose use, this classic saddle cloth is made from 100 per cent quilted cotton, and features a sheepskin wither pad. They have a fixed front girth straps, and a fixed lower girth strap, for easy attachment to the girth. This design is perfect for saddles that are not ultra forward cut in the knee rolls.

Equiport Bespoke Wide Quilt Jumping Saddle Cloth

Looking for a traditional look, with a stylish twist? If so, our Wide Quilt Jumping Saddle Cloth, from £39.00, might be the one for you. This design of saddle cloth features wider diamond quilting, which gives it a lovely, eye-catching twist. Available in white, navy or black, this design is also made from 100 per cent quilted cotton and includes a sheepskin wither pad for additional ease.

Equiport Bespoke High Wither Saddle Cloth

If your horse has high withers, then our Equiport High Wither Saddle Cloth, from £48.00, is going to solve so many problems for you. Made with 100 per cent quilted cotton like our original, this style of saddle cloth is designed to accommodate more prominent withers, and prevent any potential rubbing. A super soft sheepskin wither pad also enhances your horse’s comfort even further.

Equiport Bespoke Forward Cut Saddle Cloth

Our Equiport Forward Cut Saddle Cloth, from £48.00, is made to the same high standards as all our saddle cloths, but is specially shaped for use under more forward cut, jumping saddles. It is available with a choice of standard front Velcro girth straps, or front Velcro D-ring straps for single flap saddles. There is also a Velcro lower girth strap, but this time, there is no sheepskin wither pad.

Equiport Bespoke Close Contact Saddle Cloth

The newest addition to the Equiport Saddle Cloth collection is our modern Close Contact Saddle Cloth, from £52.50. This design has been specifically developed to fit close contact jumping saddles, especially mono-flap saddles, with ease. Made from 100 per cent quilted cotton, this saddle cloth has press stud fastenings on the straps for quick and easy attachment to your saddle.

Equiport Bespoke Dressage Saddle Cloth

Last, but definitely not least, is our elegant Dressage Saddle Cloth, from £54.00. Made from top quality 100% quilted cotton, this saddle cloth is longer cut and intended to perfectly fit the unique shape of a dressage saddle. Our dressage saddle cloths have a fixed front girth straps on either side, and a fixed lower girth strap, however they do not feature a sheepskin wither pad.

One of the stand-out qualities of our saddle cloths is that they are a lot thinner than most other options on the market. The fact that our saddle cloths are thinner, means that they do not alter the way your saddle fits, which is something that is very rare with modern saddle cloth designs.  

All our personalised saddle cloths are available in an extensive choice of fabric, outer binding and rope piping colours, so we can make saddle cloths in virtually any colour combination imaginable - the days of searching high and low for the perfect colours are over!

Whether you want subtle initials, your name, your horse's name, or your own or a sponsor's logo, Equiport also offers a range of embroidery options for both the near and off side of your saddle cloth. Choose your favourite font and embroidery colour to create a truly bespoke saddle cloth, which is perfect for you and your horse.

So, what are you waiting for? Start creating your dream look now. Also whilst your designing, be sure to take a look at the Equiport custom apparel – the options are endless!

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