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Posted August 11th 2022

Get to know the Freejump AIR'S Stirrups

Freejump is a world-famous stirrup brand loved for their high-quality products that deliver safety, style and superb comfort. Loved and worn by some of the top riders in the world; Ros Canter, Michael Jung, Harrie Smolders and Laura Renwick – to name just a few – Freejump know how to make stirrups for maximum performance. It is no wonder that 7 out of the top 10 FEI showjumping riders use Freejump.

The Freejump AIR’S Stirrups [£185.00] are the stirrups that have our attention right now. They have been designed with a traditional aesthetic, but their key features and technical characteristics are far from conventional. They are Freejump’s most customisable stirrup, with options to suit all riders for a bespoke riding experience.

So what makes these stirrups unique? Aside from being Freejump’s most customisable stirrup in terms of colours, they come with a choice of an angled or straight top eye, and with an inclined or straight tread. Let’s look at the options in more detail to help you choose what’s right for you.

Straight or Angled Eye

Straight or Angled Eye

Like horses, riders come in all shapes and sizes with different conformations. A rider’s foot positioning in the stirrup can have a massive impact on their overall posture in the saddle, which has a knock-on effect on how they ride and how comfortable they feel. Recognising this, Freejump made the AIR’S stirrups with a choice of two different designs; the top eye that the stirrup leathers feed through can be straight or at a 30 degree angle. The angled stirrups are extremely popular with female riders as the 30° orientation helps to reduce pressure on the hips, which have a skeletal difference between men and women. Having the right stirrups to support your conformation results in a more effective and comfortable riding seat.

Super Grip Treads  

Super grip treads

Another unique characteristic of the AIR’S stirrups is their deep super grip tread. Measuring at 11cm x 8cm, they are wider than the average stirrups on the market, which is particularly attractive to both male and female riders with wider feet. The tread is available in a flat design or with a 10° incline. The 10° incline is ideal for riders who struggle to keep their heels down, because the incline will encourage them to keep the weight in their heels thus promoting a more secure seat. The treads are integrated with carbon fibre, which offers exceptional grip and durability that can be further enhanced by the removable steel studs.

Shock Absorption and Safety

Shock absorption and safety features of AIR'S Stirrups

The stirrups’ ability to deal with high performance impact whilst also offering enhanced safety protection are two key features that make them so popular with some of the best riders in the world. The AIR’S Stirrup treads are mounted on a revolutionary air cushion elastomer sole for superior shock absorption. The elastomer sole, exclusive to the AIR’S design, absorbs a third of the impact between rider and horse whilst in the saddle. Shock absorption is crucial for helping to reduce injury to the riders’ hips, ankles and joints, as well as the horse’s spine.

When under a significant amount of pressure, the top banner of the stirrup will unclip in order to release the rider’s foot. It is only in the event of a fall that the safety mechanism will kick in, allowing riders to enjoy the unique features of these stirrups to their full potential whilst reassured that the safety aspects are in place.

Customisable Colours

Freejump AIR'S Stirrups Customised

Freejump have designed with AIR’S stirrups with the opportunity to make them your own. The top banner, the floor and elastomer can all be customised to suit your colour scheme. Pick from a wide range of colours or even choose your country’s flag, a popular choice with the top riders!

What Can They Be Used For?

The AIR’S make a great all-round stirrups, they are used by riders in a mixture of disciplines right up to the highest levels. They are particularly popular with dressage riders because of their classic traditional look, especially the straight eye and flat tread combination, while show jumpers also find them valuable for the shock absorption properties. The AIR’S match perfectly with the Freejump Classic Wide Leathers which are designed to keep your stirrups, and therefore foot, in a stable comfortable position.

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