Getting ready for stay-away shows? Here’s our essential guide!

Posted January 16th 2019

With the Spanish Sunshine Tour and Vilamoura Atlantic Tour on the horizon, we know that many of you will be getting your horses ready for the lengthy journeys to Spain, Portugal and elsewhere in the world. Our essential guide will make sure your horse has the most comfortable, luxurious equipment to travel in style with, as well as the most useful additions to your show stables. Even if you’re not fortunate enough to be heading to warmer climes this spring (I'm sure we’d all love to be), now is the perfect time to re-evaluate your travel equipment and make sure you’re all set for the fast approaching 2019 competition season.

Kentucky Horsewear Natural Sheepskin Headcollar

The top choice for professional travelling to stay away shows, the Kentucky Horsewear Sheepskin Headcollar, £79.99, is made from super strong nylon, which is covered in extremely soft artificial sheepskin, to achieve a comfortable and lightweight shipping headcollar. Not only is the artificial sheepskin super soft to prevent rubbing when travelling, it also looks incredibly smart to make sure your horse arrives at the showground looking his very best! Available in three stunning colours, Natural, Black or Brown, which will compliment your horse’s head seamlessly.

Equiport Embroidered Fleece Horse Show Rug

There’s nothing nicer than having a brand new show rug to travel your horse in, right? Well we think the Equiport Embroidered Fleece Show Rug, from £114.00, is the perfect choice for this year’s competition season. This high quality equestrian fleece horse show rug is available in a wide range of colours, with the Equiport logo embroidery. Our soft washable horse show rug looks fabulous on your horse and can be used not only for your winter shows, but also during cooler spells in summer. Have fun creating your bespoke rug and make sure your horse travels to his shows in style.

Kentucky Horsewear Repellent Stable Bandages

We all dread the tedious job of removing those pesky shavings from your horse’s bandages, but thankfully Kentucky have come up with a solution in the form of their new Repellent Stable Bandages, £44.50. Thanks to the knitted smooth fibre material, bedding is repelled by these innovative bandages, which makes them ideal for travel or everyday use, thus saving you hours of your precious time! They are extremely breathable for better air circulation to your horse's legs and provide incomparable protection when paired with the Kentucky Stable Bandage Pads, £53.50.

Absorbine Horseman's One Step Leather Cleaner 425g

Having clean tack is essential when going out competing; however we all know how much motivation and time it takes to do a good job. The Horseman's One Step Leather Cleaner 425g, £9.50, by Absorbine will help make your life a little bit easier when cleaning your tack. This fabulous leather cleaner that does what the name says - just one step to clean saddle and bridles, with excellent results. The pH balanced formula lifts and removes dirt and sweat, while the rich lanolin conditions your leatherwork - it's perfect for cleaning your tack before, during and after shows.

Equiport Bandage Holder

Organised show stable equipment can make your life so much easier and an Equiport Bandage Holder, from £70.00, is a perfect addition to this year’s kit. This sturdy and durable bandage holder will accommodate one set of bandages and one set of leg wraps. It can be uniquely designed in a multitude of Cordura colours with rope piping and outer binding options, to match your rugs etc, and can incorporate individual embroidery for an extra personal touch. Not only that, it’s super easy to keep clean, making it ideal for taking away with you to shows!

Equiport Tallyman Chair

Whether you’re travelling with your groom or your friends and family, they’ll definitely appreciate you adding an Equiport Tallyman Chair, from £160.00, to your stay away show gear. Everyone loves being able to sit down at the end of a long show day, and one of our stunning Tallyman Chairs personalised with your name or logo is the perfect way to put your feet up and relax. We make them in a range of Cordura colours, with rope piping and outer binding options, so you can ensure they match the rest of your stable apparel and achieve a totally co-ordinated look. 

Production time for our made-to-order items like our personalised saddle cloths,  show rugs and stable apparel gets booked up fast before big shows and tours, so please order now to avoid disappointment and let us know what date you need your items for.

Remember to be organised about everything you need to take with you and when packing, making sure you double check and then triple check you have got everything. Take spares of everything essential, because you never know what could go wrong at the last minute. Pre-filled buckets of water come in useful for simple things such as washing bits, boots and horses. Also keep in mind that your horses (and your driver!) need frequent rest breaks and be sure to offer fresh water regularly on a long journey. Finally, remember to enjoy yourself and make incredible memories!

From everyone at Equiport have a safe journey and we wish your the best of luck at the shows.

Availability and prices correct at time of publishing

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