How to ‘Hinch’ your yard

Posted January 11th 2023

Our top products for keeping your yard clean, organised and clutter free!

How to keep your yard clean and organised

New year, fresh new start! There’s no better time to give your yard a good ‘Mrs Hinch’ style sort out. Say goodbye to that neglected pile of rugs on the floor, 2023 is all about keeping a tidy yard so you can enjoy spending more time with your horse than tidying up their extensive wardrobe!

Let’s dive into these game changers…

Equiport Bespoke Rug Bag [£95.00]

Equiport Rug Bag

Keep your rugs dry, clean and organised with the Equiport Bespoke Rug Bag. These bags are great for storing rugs at home, during travelling and whilst staying at away shows. Made from a durable cordura fabric each bag holds around 3-5 rugs depending on their size.

Proving that storage systems can look chic, these bags come in black or navy with your choice of rope piping, binding and logo embroidery colours so you can put your own stamp on it!

Grooming Deluxe Tack Box [£121.99]

Grooming Deluxe Tack Box

A great storage solution for keeping your grooming and horse care products all together and organised. The Tack Box features one spacious compartment with two removable dividers that allows you to customise the space to your needs.

Made from bamboo the Tack Box is super lightweight which makes it great for transporting to shows. The clever design means it can withstand up to 90kg of weight so you can use it as a step when plaiting up and getting ready for shows. 

Grooming Deluxe Bridle Rack [£129.99]

Grooming Deluxe Bridle Rack

Hanging space is essential when keeping an organised and tidy yard. Luckily Grooming Deluxe make this really easy with the Bridle Rack. The clever design features two hooks at the back that can be hung in your tack room or at your stable at home or at away shows.

Made from sustainable bamboo it’s lightweight yet robust and features 5 curved front holders and 5 golden hooks which makes it perfect for hanging bridles, martingales plus headcollars and lead ropes.

Grooming Deluxe Saddle Rack [£138.99]

Grooming Deluxe Saddle Rack

Keep your saddles protect and out of the way with the Grooming Deluxe Saddle Rack. Designed to fit two saddles, this saddle rack is also great for storing or drying saddle cloths after use.

The rack features two hooks at the back making it so easy to hang your saddles anywhere. The lightweight bamboo design means that they are great to travel with to training sessions or temporary stables at away shows.

Equiport Bespoke Rug Rack [£79.00]

Equiport Rug Rack

An easy and attractive way to store your most used rugs or saddle cloths. Simply hook the rug rack over the most convenient area of your stable and enjoy having your rugs accessible and neatly stored.

The Equiport Bespoke Rug Racks are lightweight, easy to wipe clean and fully customisable to you. Choose from a selection of base, piping, binding and embroidery colours to create a design that matches your signature look.

 Availability and prices correct at time of publishing.

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