Just Arrived - Freejump Airbag Air Vest

Posted September 27th 2022

Just Arrived - Freejump Air Vest

The latest generation of equestrian safety has come to Equiport! Introducing the Freejump Airbag Air Vest [£499.00]. This lightweight ultra-discrete vest has taken equestrian world by storm by reaching new levels of rider safety by being the fastest inflating vest on the market. Just one of the many reasons as to why it is the air vest of choice for Martin Fuchs ranked number 2 in the world and top under 25 British Showjumper Jodie Hall Mcateer.

Safety is at the core of Freejumps innovation, having an outstanding range of quick release stirrups, we knew that the Airbag Air Vest would have been designed with the same rigorous testing, advanced expertise, and attention to detail - we were right! This is why it is the only safety vest sold at Equiport.

Riding in the Freejump Airbag Air Vest

How does it work?

So how does the Freejump Airbag Air Vest work? From the outside the Airbag looks like a smart black vest but it is packed with technical features. There are 3 key components that make the Airbag work.

The components of the Freejump Airbag Air Vest

Saddle Strap: A vital part of the mechanism, the saddle strap is attached to the stirrup bars of the saddle only. One saddle strap is included with the Airbag and additional Airbag Saddle Straps [£15.00] can be purchased so one can be attached to each saddle.

Lanyard: Each Airbag comes with an inbuilt lanyard located at the front right zipper. One end of the lanyard is attached to the Airbag and the other is clipped onto the saddle strap. In the event of a fall the lanyard will trigger the canister to inflate.

Canister: Responsible for providing the gas for inflation, this replaceable cartridge is discreetly hidden away in the front zipper. This is the most compact, lightweight and effective cartridge on the market. Each Airbag comes with one canister but once that has been activated it needs to be replaced with a new a new Airbag Cartridge [From £24.00].

In the result of a fall, or when a minimum weight of 35kg is placed on the lanyard, it will trigger the canister to inflate. The Airbag will rapidly expand, providing exceptional protection is just 98 milliseconds. To put this into context this is quicker than the speed of a human eye blink which is around 100-400 milliseconds -this is the fastest inflating air vest available!

Superior protection - Where will it protect me?

When the Airbag inflates it provides remarkable protection to the neck, chest, back, hips, waist, vertebrae and cervical spine. The advanced level of waist and vertebrae protection are unique to Freejump, a key difference between the Airbag and other vests on the market. The ground-breaking level of protection that the Airbag provides means that is it is the first ever air jacket to exceed S72-800-2022 safety standards.

Freejump Airbag Air Vest Protection areas shown by Equiport

Ultra-Discrete – How do I wear it?

In true Freejump style the Airbag has been created with class and comfort in mind. It is designed with a streamlined fitted cut that makes the rider look and feel like they have nothing on. The Airbag can be worn over a thin layer of clothing or over a show jacket. It looks especially seamless when worn over a dark coloured show jacket.  Additionally, the Airbag can be worn under compatible a show jackets that state 'FREEJUMP AIRBAG TECHNOLOGY - COMPATIBLE JACKET’ on the label. Pikeur, Vestrum, Oscar & Gabrielle and Penelope currently make compatible jackets.

Wearing the Freejump Airbag Air Vest as shown by Equiport

Made from 100% high-grade perforated and non-perforated Italian fabrics, the Airbag is silky and comfortable for the rider. The perforated areas provide great ventilation and breathability making it pleasant to wear even during intense riding in hot climates.

Who is it used for?

With a variety of sizes and body fits available it is designed for equestrians of all body types. There is also no minimum or maximum size of horse that can be ridden while wearing the Airbag. It is vital to get the right size for your body type to ensure maximum protection. Please contact our helpful customer service team if you need help with sizing.

The Airbag is a great way of staying safe and potentially reducing the risk of injury whether worn at home or out competing. It is designed for Showjumpers and Dressage riders. 

Availability and prices correct at time of publishing.

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