New In Exoskeleton Tendon Boots By Cryochaps

Posted August 4th 2022

New In Exoskeleton Tendon Boots By Cryochaps [£85.00]

When it comes to keeping horses’ legs cool, Cryochaps know what they’re doing! They are founders of the best-selling K2F Ice Boots, renowned for their rapid cooling properties, so when Cryochaps launched the new Exoskeleton Tendon Boots we knew they would be of the same calibre. The Exoskeleton Tendon Boots give maximum protection and revolutionary ventilation at a price you’ll love…[£85.00]!  

Optimum Cooling

So how do the Exoskeleton boots keep the legs so cool? Through a highly developed ventilation system that uses forced convection technology to push air over the back of the horse’s tendons as they move. This technique reduces heat build-up in the legs and allows heat to escape naturally.

In addition to the forced convection cooling properties, these boots feature spacer fabric and mesh vents positioned at the back of the legs where majority of heat build-up is created. The spacer fabric allows air to travel through the boot, whilst wicking away moisture and providing breathable cushioning protection on the legs.   

Extreme Protection

These boots provide ultimate protection in strike zones thanks to the external skeleton and internal secondary armour. Both components have been made to withstand high and repeated impact, their clever design allows them to deform in the event of sudden or continuous impact and revert to their original form without damage. Impact testing highlighted that a significantly smaller amount of force was transferred through the Exoskeleton boots compared to other popular boots on the market. This shows just how effective they are at shock absorption and impact protection on the most delicate areas of your horse’s legs.

The lightweight external skeleton is the first layer of strike protection and provides extreme durability under pressure whilst allowing the forced convective cooling process to happen. The internal secondary armour provides the second form of strike protection and is made from technical materials that offer softness, flexibility and hardiness. The softness gives cushioning that prevents rubbing, and this secondary layer does not hold water or sweat making them lightweight and extremely comfortable on the horse’s legs.

What can they be used for?

These all-purpose tendon boots are excellent for flatwork, hacking, showjumping and even eventing thanks to their high-performance features. They are FEI legal, however it is always advised to check with your governing body before using these tendon boots for competition purposes. Available in Black or Brown in Full size (Medium) which is designed to fit horses of 15.2hh and above, with 18-23cm of bone.

Availability and prices correct at time of publishing

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