Our Favourite Products to Help Beat the Flies!

Posted April 16th 2020

Now, we know we’d all be lying if we said we weren’t over the moon to see that the weather is improving, but with the increase in temperature comes those pesky flies, which drive our sensitive horses well and truly insane!

Don’t fear though, there’s some incredible products on the market to combat those bothersome flying insects, and keep your horse caref­ree and living his best life.

From fly masks to fly sprays, we thought we’d run through some of our favourite products, which help to keep the irritating flies at bay.

Kentucky Horsewear Lycra Horse Fly Mask

Kentucky Horsewear Fly Mask, £39.99

One of the main places flies love to congregate is your horse’s head, ears and eyes, so it’s vital you provide those areas with appropriate protection.

Our ultimate favourite is the innovative slim fit Lycra Fly Mask from Kentucky Horsewear. This fly mask is highly breathable and durable to act like a second skin to prevent insects from flying under the mask. The stretch fabric means this fly mask is equally suitable for turnout or for use over a bridle when you're out riding.

Also, unlike some of its rivals, the Kentucky Fly Mask features extra strong mesh eye covers, which holds the mask away from the horse's eyes and eyelashes, to help avoid any irritation. For example, if the covers becomes inverted by your horse rubbing his leg, the mesh simply pops back out into the correct position!

Equine America Stinger Fly Spray 750ml

Equine America Stinger Fly Spray 750ml, £15.99

The choice of fly sprays on the market can seem almost endless, but the difficult part is finding one which works and suits your horse’s coat and skin.

Equine America Stinger fly and insect repellent is an effective fly spray to help keep flying and biting insects, including midges, away from your horse. We think it’s a must-have to protect your horse from biting insects - each application of the Stinger fly spray is effective for up to 7 hours, depending on weather conditions.

Not only that, this fly spray is invisible on application so will not leave a residue or attract dust, and it is safe for both your horse and the environment.

Kentucky Horsewear Wellington Crystal Horse Fly Veil

Kentucky Horsewear Wellington Crystal Fly Veil, £66.99

The flies don’t just annoy your horse whilst he’s in the field, but also whilst you’re out riding as well. Flies can cause a negative change in your horse’s ridden behaviour, so giving your horse protection whilst riding is crucial as well.

One of our most-loved fly veils is the glamorous Kentucky Horsewear Wellington Crystal Fly Veil, which features stunning crystal detailing and glitter yarn. This fly veil has an American-style squared-off front for a stylish and professional finish, while the stretch, slim fit ear fabric helps to protect your horse's ears against annoying flies.

Also, the poll area is longer than standard fly veils, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit under the bridle's headpiece!

Cavalor Sw-itch 500ml

Cavalor Sw-itch 500ml, £31.50

Sadly, some horses don’t just have to deal with fly bites, but also seasonally recurring skin irritation known as sweet itch or summer eczema.

Cavalor Sw-itch has been specially developed for horses that are sensitive to those seasonal skin irritations. These irritations are a result of an allergic reaction to midge saliva, which are primarily active around sunrise and sunset during the warmer months. This reaction causes a painful itch that does not stop and results in chafing.

It is recommend you apply Sw-itch as soon as you notice the irritation, and apply 2-7 days per week to keep the itching under control. 

We’ve got so many different products to help protect your horse from the flies, and also to update his wardrobe, so make sure you check out all our horse wear!

Availability and prices correct at time of publishing.

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