Stirrups – Which ones will suit your riding needs best?

Posted February 23rd 2021

This generation of horse riders are fortunate to have an arguably never-ending choice of stirrups. However, we understand the amount of choice can be somewhat overwhelming – so, we thought it would be helpful for us to outline the key qualities and features of the stirrups we stock.

It goes without saying, that for the large majority of riders, a good set of stirrups are an absolute tack room essential. With so many brands adding their own designs onto the market, it’s clear to see that unique, revolutionary stirrups have become a major trend…but the big question is, which ones are best suited to you?

So, here’s our rundown of the most admired stirrups right now…

Freejump Soft'Up Pro Plus Stirrups

Freejump Soft'Up Pro Plus Stirrups, £249.00

The Soft’Up Pro Plus Stirrups are the next generation of stirrups from the one, and only, Freejump.

This new stirrup has a larger tread than the original design, and now features longer non-slip studs. They're available in a range of stunning colours, so whatever your colour scheme, you’ll be able to find a colour to suit you.

This Freejump stirrups can be used with most classic stirrup leathers, but matching stirrup leathers are available.

Key features:

  • Designed to place your feet in the optimum position
  • Exceptional grip and shock absorption
  • Flexible outside branch made from Elastollen, which helps ensure that the rider's foot is released in the event of a fall
  • The branch is located at the front of the tread to provide a natural slope, and the rectilinear bevelled rear leading edge offers enhanced lateral stability
  • The open eye provides easy fastening to the stirrup leathers, and allows quick changing of stirrups between saddles

Tech Stirrups Venice Adult Stirrups

Tech Stirrups Venice Stirrups, £255.00

These stirrups need no introduction – the Tech Venice Stirrups have become hugely popular in recent times, and we can totally understand the hype!

They are made from lightweight aluminium, with a revolutionary safety system. Due to them being made from metal, they have a slightly more classic appearance, but they are still available in a stunning range of eye-catching colours for a stylish finish.

These Tech Stirrups are designed to be used with conventional stirrup leathers, so there’s no need to fork out extra money on new ones.

Key features:

  • The special safety mechanism allows the outside arm to open when required, thus helping to prevent the rider's foot being caught in the stirrup in the event of a fall
  • The arm is loaded with a specially designed spring, so it can be returned to its original position after the release
  • The safety arm is secured with a magnetic locking system, which means it is only possible for the arm to open when a certain amount of pressure is applied
  • Made from aluminium billet, with an anodised final coating, which gives a shiny finish and ensures the stirrups stay looking great for years
  • The patented spiked grip helps avoid accumulation of mud in the tread, and therefore enables excellent grip

Flex-On Safe-On Stirrups

Flex-On Safe-On Stirrups, £224.95 

Another firm favourite on the market is the Flex-On Safe-On Stirrups. These stirrups have become famous, thanks to their striking designs and incredible safety.

The Flex-On Safe-On Stirrups provide the perfect combination of comfort, performance and safety – and they look great too! We stock these stirrups with an Inclined Ultra Grip tread in Navy and Black. Custom colours, removable arms and magnetic stickers are also available, so please contact us for details.

Again, they’re designed to be used with traditional leathers, so they are hugely versatile.

Key features:

  • The outer branch is designed to open and release the rider's foot in a fall, and the arm can simply be moved back after release, with no tools needed
  • A minimum weight of 40 kg is required to trigger the release system, so there’s no worry that they will just pop open
  • The special elastomers under the tread are ergonomically designed to provide maximum shock absorption
  • They have an inclined foot bed with an ultra-grip tread to help maintain the 'heels down' position with optimum grip in the iron
  • The stirrup leather slot is offset to encourage a correct leg position

This is just a tiny overview of the stirrups we stock here at Equiport, so if these are not quite what you’re looking for, be sure to check out the others we have on offer. Whatever your chosen discipline, you’re guaranteed to find a set of safe, stylish stirrups to suit you.

Availability and prices correct at time of publishing.

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