The New Show Jumping Whip Rule Explained

Posted January 22nd 2020

As we’re sure you would have heard there has been a new whip rule introduced in British Showjumping that came into force on 1 January 2020. Now, we know there’s been some confusion on whether certain whips are legal or not, so we thought we’d create our own handy interpretation of the new rules to help you ensure you have the correct kit this season. If you are in any doubt at all about the whip you are using, it’s a sensible idea to check with the steward before you jump.

British Showjumping Whip Rules 2020

From 1 January 2020, the following whip rules apply for British Showjumping:

  • The contact area must be covered with a pad and be a minimum two fifths (40%) of the overall length of the whip (please see table on image above for reference)
  • The pad must be smooth, with NO protrusion or raised surface
  • NO wording or personalisation is allowed on the pad
  • NO binding within 17 centimetres of the end of the pad
  • The weight of the whip MUST NOT exceed 160 grams and this weight should be evenly distributed throughout the full length of the whip

Failure to comply with these whip rules will result in elimination.

The whips sold by Equiport that are designed to meet these rules are as follows:

Darley York Thin Handle Jumping Whip

Darley York Thin Handle Jumping Whip, £29.99 – 50CM

The Darley York Thin Handle Jumping Whip has been designed to meet the 2020 British Showjumping rules. This popular whip has a thinner handle than many other designs on the market, making it more comfortable to hold for children and adult riders with smaller hands. It is available in a range of colours to match your competition attire!


Fleck Jockey Race Bat

Fleck Jockey Race Bat - New Design – 60cm and 70cm

 The Fleck Race Bat features a cushioned flap, competition grip and a fibreglass shaft with a choice of wrap colour to match your apparel. It is available in both 60cm and 70cm.

Fleck Delta Pro Event Bat

Fleck Delta Pro Event Bat, £34.00 – 60cm

The Fleck Delta Pro Event Bat is designed with an innovative handle to provide exceptional grip, enhanced by the specially ribbed gripping surfaces, and has soft cushioned flap. The handle has a slim, ergonomic triangular shape ensure a firm grip position is maintained – perfect for smaller hands!

Equiport accepts no liability for any information contained in this blog post and it is the responsibility of competitors to ensure they comply with the relevant rules. If you are in any doubt then please check with the steward before you jump.

Availability and prices correct at time of publishing.

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