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The World-Famous Ogilvy Half Pad

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Ogilvy Equestrian is a family based company owned and operated by husband and wife Jack and Jackie Ogilvy. Jackie has been a rider for many years, as a young rider she founded the company because she simply couldn't find a saddle pad on the market that satisfied her and her horse’s needs – so, she developed her own! Her objective was not to just create a saddle pad but to create a high quality product that would reduce friction, provide comfort for horse and rider, and of course be machine washable and stain resistant. Ogilvy Equestrian is the ultimate solution for your horse’s back because they believe that the end of the day your horse is the thing that matters most.

Ogilvy Half Pad Jump - Navy/White/Grey

These world-famous pads are used by some of the world’s top show jumpers including Nick Skelton, Ben Maher and Philippe Lejaune. They have a number of outstanding features, which make these pads stand out on the market and make them a much-loved product in the equestrian world.

Memory foam

The Ogilvy Half Pads, £179.95, contain removable memory foam pads that act as a barrier between the saddle and the horse, thus in turn stabilising the movement of the saddle and providing incredible shock absorption for both horse and rider. The full length pads of high performance memory foam will compress to less than a quarter of its normal thickness without exerting pressure. The memory foam distributes pressure evenly and enables improved saddle fit throughout the year as the horse's musculature changes and will always ensure that his comfort is paramount throughout.

Friction-free layer

The friction-free layer on the underside of the Ogilvy half pad allows the horse to move freely and prevents any kind of painful rubbing. This layer is made up of layers of a special 3D material designed to slide freely against each other, even when the saddle is in use. Meanwhile, the soft fleecy lining is comfortable against the horse's skin, allowing the utmost breathability and moisture wicking.

Other features

The v-shape of the pad prevents that unwanted wither pressure and keeps the pad secure whilst riding. The breathable, stain-resistant cover features anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties, and can easily be removed for washing and dries quickly. You can even match your Ogilvy half pad to your Equiport saddle cloths with the custom option (please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery) - please contact us for details of the bespoke half pad.

You can view the Ogilvy range and even design your own Equiport Saddle Cloth to match.

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