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Catago Equestrian produces a stunning range of quality headcollars and rugs for horses.

Catago Equestrian is a Danish family company, operated and owned by dressage rider Pernille Lausen and her brother Per. The Scandinavian brand is infused with modern city vibes while paying homage to the harmony between rider and horse.

Their goal is to create a high quality line of products, with attention to detail that provides maximum comfort for horse and rider in all weather conditions.

For Catago Equestrian, the very definition of Scandinavian style and design is the combination of protection and quality, paired with innovative functional materials for a clean modern look and details that dazzle.

Based in Haderslev, a historical trading town in southern Denmark, Catago Equestrian have a team of dedicated employees who are all involved with horses, bringing a variety of equestrian knowledge to the company.

Every style and product is thoroughly tested by their employees as well as their team of professional partner riders in eventing, Icelandic riding, show jumping and dressage, before being released into production.

If your riding time is limited or curtailed, or you simply wish to spend more time working your horse from the ground, then check out our lunge equipment.

We supply lunge lines, lunge rollers and the innovative Waldhausen Lunge Aid to help your horse work over his back effectively.

Rein-Bows are also incredibly popular. These handy loops fit onto the reins to stop them slipping through the rider's hands. They are especially useful for young riders and those with limited mobility.

The Freejump Collier is another ingenious idea. It is designed to help soften the hand and can be helpful when riding sensitive horses.

We also stock high quality draw reins in leather, leather and rope, and rubber styles.

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