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Cavalor does not rest until they have reached what could be called “the last mile”: ensuring that using their products is a great experience – for the horse, of course, but also for those caring for the horse.  

Throughout more than 20 years as an industry leader, Cavalor has attracted the most prestigious and visible representatives from all equestrian disciplines. They did so with a single asset: a line of products that work as advertised, that truly improve (in a measurable way) the performance and well-being of champion horses, and that meet quality standards unparalleled anywhere in the world.

Cavalor is proud to count among its customers, supporters and endorsers an impressive roster of World Champions, Olympic medalists and World Cup winners. The success of these athletes is derived in large part from the continuous health and performance of their equine partners. And it is a great testimonial to the Cavalor brand that so many riders rely on their products to compete at the highest levels.

Horse First supplements are the result of many years of researching and testing many different formulations to produce the best results possible. Made by horse people for horse people, Horse First supplements are made using only the highest quality ingredients available, offering the horse owner a range of products with the highest levels of active ingredient inclusion of any supplements on the market.

For the past 40 years, Equine America has pioneered the development of food supplementation for horses, including the first use of electrolytes. In recent years, Equine America's Cortaflex has proved to be one of the most popular joint supplements, and is used by leading riders and trainers in all equine disciplines all over the world. A variety of supplements, made using the highest quality ingredients, are now available from Equiport.

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