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Flex-On Stirrups are available in a range of colours with a revolutionary shock absorption system. 

Flex-On Stirrups have been designed to offer the highest level of shock absorption. The innovative elastomers underneath the tread help to reduce the physical impact on the rider, helping to prevent fatigue and injury.

Flex-On asked Sport-Contrôle, a recognised agency specialising in medical and health assessment, to perform a biomechanical study to find out whether using the Flex-on stirrup could help to reduce rider joint fatigue and damage.

Sport-Contrôle performed two specific tests:

1 - Kinematic analysis of decreased joint fatigue and comfort on three male riders at three different levels - beginner, intermediate and pro - and one intermediate level female rider.

2 - Vibration absorption and comfort through analysis of data provided by a combination of accelerometers worn by a rider in walk, trot, canter, gallop and jumping.

The study concluded through both types of analysis that Flex-On stirrups are highly suitable for riding and offer superior absorption of vibrations in the different joints. They make it possible to reduce the burden of muscle work and facilitate postural alignment. The angle of the Flex-on stirrup tread also plays a role. 

The range includes the Flex-On Safe-On Stirrups with an opening outer branch in both adult's and children's sizes, the Green Composite Stirrups with a lightweight sprung steel frame, and the elegant Flex-On Aluminium Stirrups with a streamlined design.

Custom colours are available on special order, please Contact Us for details.

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