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Freejump stirrups are designed to place your feet in the optimum position when riding, and also provide quick release.

The latest innovation in stirrup design in the equestrian world, Freejump stirrups are designed to place your feet in the optimum position when riding. They are also quick release to avoid getting your foot caught in the event of a fall - plus they are available in a variety of stunning colours to match the rest of your competition gear.

Plus, check out the range of Freejump riding boots to optimise your performance and comfort in the saddle.

Equiport is proud to introduce the latest generation of protection for showjumping and dressage riders - the Freejump Airbag - with an exceptional inflation speed, coverage and streamlined look.

Designed to be worn fitted to the rider's body over a thin layer of clothing, this discreet yet technically advanced air vest inflates in the event of a fall to provide impact protection to vital areas of the torso

Replacement air canisters and additional saddle straps can also be purchased for your Freejump air vest.

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