Kentucky Horsewear

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Found 31 Products

Kentucky Horsewear

Kentucky Horsewear produces a range of rugs, headcollars and protective wear for horses that includes luxurious sheepskin detail. 

Kentucky Horsewear's core values are excellence and innovation, with the mission statement to provide high quality and stylish products with extreme protection and comfort for your horses during training and competition. You can be certain that the protection, comfort and well-being of your horse always comes first.

The range started with highly protective tendon and fetlock boots, and has expanded to include artificial sheepskin headcollars, durable artificial leather girths and stunning horse rugs featuring comfortable faux rabbit fur lining. You can be sure that Kentucky will be at the head of innovation when it comes to products that enhance your horse's wellbeing and comfort.

Established in 2011, Kentucky has rapidly become a market leading brand around the world. It is famous for its use of revolutionary new fabrics and materials, such as D3O which allows superior freedom of movement yet locks instantly on impact to provide excellent protection for your horse's legs, artificial sheepskin that is lightweight and can be easily machine washed, and faux leather that is durable and easy to maintain.

Today, Kentucky Horsewear products are worn on some of the world’s very best horses competing in the most prestigious rings around the globe. To meet the needs of customers at the very top of the sport, Kentucky listens to riders and grooms, and takes their advice in the development of new and existing products.

The Kentucky range of protective horse boots is designed to provide outstanding horsewear protection by using innovative and patented technologies D3O intelligent shock absorbing molecules, Solimbra all-weather resistant fabric and Recuptex EMI shielding fabric. Kentucky produces protective boots for many equestrian disciplines, including specialist show jumping, dressage and eventing boots, as well as therapeutic wraps.

Veredus jumping boots are made from the latest modern technical materials to offer your horse the ultimate in protection without hindering his freedom of movement over fences. They are easy to clean, too! We stock the Veredus Carbon Gel Tendon Boots, Veredus Carbon Shield Over Reach Boots, Veredus Olympic back boots, Veredus Pro Jump fetlock boots and Safety Bell Over Reach Boots.

We supply an extensive range of Kentaur leather jumping boots. The Flicker boots, developed to encourage the horse to 'flick' his hind legs over fences, are particularly popular. We also stock the weighted back boots, designed to persuade the horse to be more careful with his back legs.

Waldhausen Pro Boots - formerly known as AWAtec boots and Pro Hampa boots - are secure fitting and easy to clean, with an impact-proof hard cover, shock-absorbing neoprene padding and strong Velcro straps. They come in sets of four - containing both tendon and fetlock boots.

Over reach injuries when jumping or galloping are a common problem. With Equiport's range of protective over reach boots and bands you can successfully help protect your horse from injury.

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