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Orvus Shampoo is a solid soapless horse shampoo that is excellent for removing tricky stains.

Orvus Shampoo is a solid soapless horse shampoo, created by Proctor & Gamble, that is excellent for removing tricky stains.

It is a pH neutral synthetic shampoo that cleans gently yet effectively and is easy to rinse away.

Very little product is required for each application, making it a good value investment.

This large pot of Orvus Shampoo is ideal for multiple horse use on large yards or will go on indefinitely if you only have one horse.

There are no gimmicks, scents or 'flavours', Orvus is simply an incredibly effective  and reliable shampoo that has been a top choice in the equestrian world for many years.

The quality and effectiveness largely stems from the extensive research and development, and product testing that has been carried out over many years to maintain the perfect formulation for Orvus Shampoo.

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