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The Poponcini Harmony bit is made from a very lightweight, soft and flexible plastic, allowing rein aids to be given in a very subtle manner. The ledges at the outside of the mouthpiece prevent rubbing and help to prevent the bit being pulled through the horse's mouth. An inner steel cable runs through the mouthpiece, which is then covered in soft plastic and covered with non-toxic silicon for maximum comfort.

Poponcini bits are available in Pelham, loose ring or full cheek snaffle styles.

We offer a wide range of Nathe bits, including snaffles, gags, pelhams, bradoons and weymouths. The nathe bit mouthpiece material is extremely soft and gentle to the horse's mouth. Nathe bits are often suitable for horses with very sensitive or fussy mouths.

Made from blue sweet iron, Bombers bits were originally designed for polocrosse, but are becoming increasingly popular among top show jumpers. The blue sweet iron oxidises easily, encouraging the horse to salivate and assisting acceptance of the bit. Bombers bits are hand made and a wide range of mouthpieces and cheeks are available, please contact us if you cannot find what you require.

Made from a flexible material with a steel core, Beris Bits are anatomically designed to fit the horse's mouth comfortably and encourage increased relaxation to a soft yet consistent contact. With a wide variety of cheeks, and ported and straight bar mouthpieces to choose from, you're sure to find the right bit to suit your horse.

Can't see the bit you're looking for? Bits can be made to order to your requirements within a couple of weeks, so please contact us for details. Many of our mouthpieces can be made with the bit cheeks of your choice.

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