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The market leader in horse riding gloves, Roeckl gloves owns numerous patents, exclusive materials and processing methods.

The range of Roeckl riding gloves are comfortable yet stylish, designed to be durable and give you an optimum grip on the reins when you need it most. Take a look at the elegant and classy Malia Riding Gloves, the Malta Riding Gloves made from the legendary Roeck-Grip fabric and Winchester Riding Gloves that are ideal for winter.

Samshield riding gloves are the latest hi-tech, fashionable gloves to reach the UK. Designed to provide the ultimate in luxury comfort and grip, they are available in a range of colours - and also with Swarovski crystals for added bling!

Roeckl riding gloves are machine washable, breathable and provide optimum grip. The Roeck-Grip style is particularly popular, and available adorned with Swarovski crystals to complete your bling look.

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