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Veredus jumping boots are made from the latest modern technical materials to offer your horse the ultimate in protection without hindering his freedom of movement over fences. They are easy to clean, too!

We stock Veredus tendon boots, overreach boots, fetlock boots including Pro Jump and Young Horse styles, all in a range of colours, as well as a variety of therapeutic magnetic products. 

A range of therapeutic products designed to keep your horse in the best form possible, including Aerochill cool boots, Kentucky Recuptex wraps and the Veredus range of magnetic products.

The Veredus Magnetik Line includes stable boots, hock boots, hoof boots and a magnetic rug. Using neodymium magnets that develop a power of 2400 Gauss each, the magnetic fields help to stimulate the flow of blood, speed up the elimination of toxins, speed up regenerative processes, reduce pain and swelling, and prepare muscles and tendons for effort.

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