The Dy'on D Collection is distinctive for its beauty, with elegant cream-coloured stitching and brass buckles for a classic finish.

Its exceptional style makes it Dy'on's most popular collection, with intricate details that never fail to make an impression.

The combination of quality and equine comfort make this range suitable for competition riders of all levels and disciplines.

This extensive collection features bridles, breastplates, martingales, training aids and individual pieces, allowing you to create a complete set of matching bridlework for your horse.

All items are made from Dy'on leather, produced by a vegetable tanning process developed by Philippe Dion and the partner tannery in Spain, which has specialised in this technique for four generations. The vegetable tanning is as close as one can get to a lengthier traditional tanning process. It is more costly but yields incomparable quality.

Dy'on leather becomes more beautiful over time if it is cared for appropriately.

All items in the premium collections are covered by a lifetime warranty on all manufacturing and raw material defects.