The Dy'on Working Collection is designed to provide quality essentials for daily work and training at a lower cost than the premium collections, while ensuring the famous Dy'on workmanship. 

This functional entry-level collection is composed of Dy'on's most popular products, and includes practical matching everyday bridles, reins, martingales and training aids, with cream stitching and stainless steel fittings.

It has been developed to meet the needs of riders in every equestrian discipline - from jumping to dressage and hacking.

The Working Collection is made from Grade 1 water buffalo leather for sturdiness and strength, which is vegetable tanned in one one of the best tanneries in Kanpur, India.

This robust leather has a more pronounced grain and coarser fibre, with a less worked and more rustic finish than cowhide.

The use of this leather allows the Working Collection to have an excellent quality/price ratio, and the products are guaranteed for one year for manufacturing and raw material defects.