Diamante Fleece Dog Coat with Equiport Logo
Product ID: D16
Made to order by Equiport in the UK

Give your dog some sparkle with the diamante dog coat featuring the Equiport logo on both sides.

Made from high quality double layered fleece, this very cosy dog rug is light enough for summer but warm enough for winter, with a layer of sparkling diamante in between the piping and binding. Please select 'Add Inner Row' to choose your rope piping colour, or leave blank for diamante without rope piping.

Comes with a turn-back Velcro fastening.

Available in your choice of fleece colours, plus rope piping and outer binding colour options. We also offer a variety of embroidery styles and colours for your dog rug.

Available in sizes 10in to 28in. Measure from the collar to the top of the tail to find your dog's size.

Please note that all dog coats are made to order, and as such are not available for 24 hour delivery. If you need your order by a certain date, please indicate this in the comments box during the check-out process.


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  • Outer Embroidery: Not Selected
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