Buster Roller Nelson Gag
Bombers Bits
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The blue sweet iron Buster Roller full cheek running gag from Bombers Bits has a 40mm roller link in the centre. This increases tongue and bar pressure, and is often suitable for horses with a low head carriage that tend to lean on the bit. The increased pressure on the bars acts to lift the head while the roller increases pressure on the tongue, bringing the chin in and encouraging the horse to soften as he plays with the roller.

The running gag also helps to lift the horse's head, and is often used on horses that tend to lean, go on the forehand or pull. The cheekpieces slide through the holes in the bit rings, moving the mouthpiece upwards against the corners of the mouth and lips, which gives a clear indication to the horse to lift his head. It also exerts pressure against the mouth to bring the horse's nose inwards.

The full cheeks offer more precise steering, as pressure is applied to the cheek when a turning aid is given. They also ensure that the mouthpiece remains in a central position and cannot slide through the horse's mouth. This bit can be used with two reins - one attached to the bit ring and one attached to the rope - so the gag action only comes into play when it is required.

We offer both rope and leather gag cheeks for your Nelson gag. The rope slides through the rings more quickly than the leather, giving a more immediate command, whereas many people prefer the aesthetic appearance of the leather.

The blue sweet iron mouthpiece oxidises easily, creating a warm, sweet taste in the horse's mouth. This encourages the horse to salivate, gently mouth the bit and relax his jaw, and can help horses who have difficulty accepting conventional metal bits

Please note that the blue will fade with use.

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