Butterfly Fulmer Snaffle
By Beris
Product ID: BB16
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The Beris Butterfly Fulmer Snaffle has an innovative soft flexible mouthpiece featuring a broader bearing surface on the tongue, combined with fulmer cheeks to enhance steering aids.

Butterfly Mouthpiece

The butterfly mouthpiece is a soft, flexible mouthpiece with an inner steel core for safety. It has an innovative shape, anatomically designed with a broader bearing surface on the tongue area. This offers optimal space for the tongue with a very soft influence.

The mouthpiece encourages chewing activity and acceptance of the bit.

Fulmer Snaffle

The fulmer snaffle enables the mouthpiece to lie in a steady position in the horse's mouth. The angled bars on the cheeks help to prevent pinching, while also helping to reinforce turning aids.

The external loose rings allow more movement in the horse's mouth than a standard full cheek, which encourages mouthing, acceptance of the bit and better communication, while retaining the turning advantages of the full cheek.

A useful bit for young horses or those that might need more guidance around turns. Popular with jumpers who need quick turns.

Beris Bits are available in 13cm or 14cm, with a hard or a soft mouthpiece.

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