Cable Control Plate 2.5 Ring Gag
Bombers Bits
Product ID: EBB100
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The Bombers Cable Control Plate mouthpiece applies light pressure on the tongue to bring the horse's head down, and is combined here with 2.5 Ring sides.

The Control Plate applies softer pressure than the Elliptical lozenge due to the larger surface area. The plate is set at a 45 degree angle to allow it to sit flat on the horse's tongue.

The cable offers a 'spring-back' action, together with the elimination of the links joining the three pieces to create a smoother more comfortable mouthpiece. This further reduces pressure in all areas, making this mouthpiece softer than the conventional control plate. The cable allows for some lateral independence between each rein.

The multi-ringed cheekpiece introduces poll pressure, as well as creating leverage on the mouthpiece. The 2.5 ring is the mildest version of a ring gag, as the 1/2 ring softens the leverage on the mouthpiece and poll.

The blue sweet iron mouthpiece oxidises easily, creating a warm, sweet taste in the horse's mouth. This encourages mouthing, salivation and acceptance of the bit.

Please note that the blue will fade with use.

Supplied with a nylon back strap.

This bit comes in different diameters according to the mouth size. The 12.5cm and 13cm mouthpieces have a 14mm diameter, while the 13.5-15cm sizes have a 16mm diameter.

The Bombers Cable Control Plate 2.5 Ring is available in sizes 12.5cm (just under 5in), 13.5cm (5 1/4in), 14.5cm (5 3/4in) or 15cm (just under 6in).

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