Cable Jointed Butterfly Flip Bit
Bombers Bits
Product ID: EBB77
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The Bombers Cable Jointed Butterfly Flip Bit features a covered cable in the centre.

The smoother shape of this mouthpiece reduces any pressure points caused by conventional links, and reduces the nutcracker action. The cable ensures an instant springback, releasing pressure immediately when the rein contact is softened. This makes the mouthpiece softer and more comfortable than a conventional joint.

The Butterfly Flip cheekpieces are formed in a D-shape, with the hooks offering three different rein positions to vary the amount of poll pressure and leverage exerted. The reins can be moved around the bit rings to give varying degrees of control.

The blue sweet iron mouthpiece from Bombers Bits oxidises easily, creating a warm, sweet taste that promotes salivation and acceptance of the bit.

Please note that the blue will fade with use.

Available in 13.5cm, 14cm or 14.5cm.

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