Corkscrew Mouth Cartwheel Bit
Product ID: EBX11
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Here the Corkscrew mouthpiece is combined with a Cartwheel bit.


The Corkscrew mouthpiece is twisted to offer extra control over strong horses.

The twist in the mouthpiece causes edges that result in pressure points in the horse's mouth - it increases pressure on the tongue and bars of the mouth, and also acts on the lips. This offers the rider more control than a smooth mouthpiece, and can help to prevent the horse from leaning and also aids in lifting the forehand.


The mouthpiece attaches to a post running vertically through the centre of the bit rings (hence the 'Cartwheel'), giving a slight tilting action. Cartwheels can often be suitable for horses that are difficult to turn, because the rings enhance steering aids by placing pressure on the horse's face. It also creates more positive poll pressure then a plain beval bit, as the mouthpiece runs on a straight bar rather than on bit rings.

Available in 5in, 5.5in or 6in.

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