Dynamic RS Sensogan Eggbutt Snaffle
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The Sprenger Dynamic RS Eggbutt Snaffle is made from Sensogan and ergonomically designed to encourage the horse to accept the bit, thanks to the balanced effect on the tongue.


Sensogan is a patented mouthpiece material for a sensitive connection to the horse. The innovative mix of materials including the micronutrient manganese and a reduced copper content increases the horse's chewing activity and salivation in a targeted manner.

Sensogan is designed to achieve optimal concentration, calmness and relaxation resulting in the horse being much more willing to perform.

Sensogan bits are particularly suitable for sensitive horses.


The Dynamic RS mouthpiece is designed to encourage the horse to accept the bit more easily. The ergonomically formed mouthpiece allows a rapid and balanced effect on the horse's tongue.

The mouthpiece gives even pressure on the entire tongue area, and there is no pressure on the horse's palette. This makes the bit gentle to the mouth and tongue, supporting the contact to the corners of the mouth in an extremely effective way, keeping the horse on the bit.

The central link of the mouthpiece is turned to the front by 45 degrees - this unique angle is the only way to get a true contact to the horse's tongue. When a contact is taken, the mouthpiece rolls smoothly over the tongue and stimulates it in a gentle but effective way. Clearly defined aids can therefore be given through the reins without squeezing the tongue.

NOTE: The arrow on the mouthpiece must always be on the left hand side pointing forwards.

Available in a 14mm mouthpiece, in sizes 12.5cm, 13.5cm and 14.5cm.

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