Flexible Mullen Pelham
Bombers Bits
Product ID: EBB81
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The Bombers Flexible Mullen Pelham has a mouthpiece made from an internal stainless steel chain covered with a non-toxic, UV resistant PVC tube. This bit offers exceptionally soft and evenly distributed pressure over the tongue and bars.

This mouthpiece is often suitable for horses that object to metal bits.

The rings on the Pelham provide a similar action to that offered by a double bridle, but in a less precise manner. When the top rein is used, the bit has a similar action to that of a hanging cheek snaffle, putting pressure on the bars of the mouth as well as a limited amount of poll pressure. The curb rein provides leverage action on the poll and also puts pressure on the curb groove via the curb chain. The pelham can be used with two reins or with pelham roundings.

The delicate nature of the outer material can mean that if chewed by the horse it may result in damage to the mouthpiece.

A curb chain is included with this bit.

Available in 13.5cm, 14cm or 14.5cm.

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