Half Twisted Barry Full Cheek Snaffle
Bombers Bits
Product ID: EBB57
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The Bombers Half Twisted Barry Full Cheek Snaffle bit has two mouthpieces, with the centre links of each mouthpiece offset by 20mm (known as a Barry or W mouthpiece). This gives a double nutcracker action, which puts increased pressure on the bars of the mouth.

The twists in the lower mouthpiece have edges that cause additional pressure points on the tongue and bars of the mouth, and also act on the lips. This offers the rider much more control than a smooth snaffle, and can help to prevent the horse from leaning as well as aiding in lifting the forehand. This bit can often be useful for strong, older horses. However, as it is a more severe bit, it is not recommended for novice riders.

The blue sweet iron mouthpiece from Bombers Bits oxidises easily, creating a warm, sweet taste in the horse's mouth. This encourages salivation, gentle mouthing and acceptance of the bit.

Full cheeks keep the mouthpiece stable in the mouth, which some horses prefer to the more 'mobile' feel created by loose rings. The full cheeks also help to prevent pinching at the sides of the mouth.

The arms of the full cheeks assist with steering, as pressure is applied to the cheek when a turning aid is given. The cheeks also ensure that the mouthpiece remains in a central position and cannot slide through the horse's mouth.

Please note that the blue will fade with use.

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