Happy Mouth Pelham with Spinner
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This pelham bit combines a mild happy mouth mouthpiece with a spinner to prevent the horse from putting his tongue over the bit, and pelham cheeks to provide extra control.

Happy Mouth

The happy mouth mouthpiece is made from durable, non-toxic, flexible polyurethane plastic and is designed to be soft and gentle in the horse's mouth.

Flexible mouthpieces are more easily damaged than metal ones, therefore it is important to regularly inspect the bit for any signs of wear and tear due to chewing.

This mouthpiece is single jointed, which applies pressure to the tongue, sides of the lips and bars of the mouth.


The spinner is formed of two circular rings that sit on top on the tongue. They move with the tongue to prevent the horse from putting his tongue over the bit or rolling his tongue up behind the bit. It is designed to make the horse more relaxed in his mouth and encourages him to go forward into the bridle, rather than ducking behind the bit.

The spinner shown here is made from copper, which is believed to produce a sweet taste in the horse's mouth as it oxidises. This encourages the horse to salivate and soften to the contact.

Our spinners can also be made in stainless steel, in solid or vented styles.


The rings on the Pelham provide a similar action to that offered by a double bridle, but in a less precise manner. When the top rein is used, the bit has a similar action to that of a hanging cheek snaffle, putting pressure on the bars of the mouth as well as a limited amount of poll pressure. The curb rein provides leverage action on the poll and also puts pressure on the curb groove via the curb chain. The pelham can be used with two reins or with pelham roundings.

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