Happy Tongue Cherry Roller Loose Ring Snaffle
Bombers Bits
Product ID: EBB11
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The Bombers Happy Tongue Cherry Roller Loose Ring Snaffle has a mouthpiece with a medium port to create space for the tongue. This relieves tongue pressure and allows the horse to relax. The blue sweet iron cherry rollers are constructed tightly, so there is no chance of pinching. The rollers promote relaxation in the lower jaw by encouraging the horse to mouth and play with the bit. When rein aids are applied, the rollers allow the bit to move along the bars of the horse's jaws as opposed to rubbing.

This bit is often suitable for horses with sensitive or large tongues, who tend to grab hold of or lean on the bit, thus becoming strong. Signs of sensitivity include the horse shaking his head when bit pressure is applied, putting the tongue out of the side of the mouth or putting the tongue over the bit. The cherry rollers mean that this bit is often also useful for horses that lose sensitivity over time, lose concentration or cross their jaws.

The loose rings keep the bit mobile in the horse's mouth, allowing an immediate release of pressure when rein aids cease, and encourage the horse to gently mouth the bit.

The blue sweet iron mouthpiece promotes salivation and acceptance of the bit. The material oxidises easily, warming up quickly in the horse's mouth and producing a sweet taste.

Please note that the blue will fade with use.

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