Inno Sense Ported Curb Gag
Trust Equestrian
Product ID: TR33
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The Trust Inno Sense Ported Curb Gag is a gag bit, but with a very different effect. On a normal gag the gag ropes are attached to the cheek pieces. The curb gag has an extra ring that is attached on top of the bit ring and to the cheek pieces. The gag ropes go through the eyes of the bit, but then they join underneath the chin instead of being attached to the bridle. Pressure on the reins will give extra pressure on the lower jaw/chin.

The synthetic ported mouthpiece is ergonomically shaped to allow space for the horse's tongue, and is available in Medium or Hard densities.

Available in 12.5cm (approx 5in), 13.5cm (5 1/4in) or 14.5cm (5 3/4in).

Please note that the curb gag is only legal for the jumping phases of eventing under FEI rules if two reins are used (with one attached to the main ring of the bit).

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