KK Ultra Universal
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The Sprenger KK Ultra Universal is a popular show jumping bit made from Sensogan, and adapted to the anatomy of the horse's mouth.

The design of this bit takes into account the exceptional sensitivity of the horse's tongue, so clear instructions are given and no pressure is put on the palate.

The reins can be attached to this bit in a number of ways to create the desired action: when attached to the big main ring it has a milder action, and if attached to the bottom ring it creates a mild gag action. It can also be used with two reins or roundings to finesse the level of control.


Sensogan is a patented bit material for a sensitive connection to the horse. The innovative mix of materials including the micronutrient manganese and a reduced copper content increases the horse's chewing activity and salivation in a targeted manner.

Sensogan is designed to achieve optimal concentration, calmness and relaxation resulting in the horse being much more willing to perform.

Sensogan bits are particularly suitable for sensitive horses.


The KK Ultra mouthpiece is designed with the exceptional sensitivity of the horse's tongue in mind.

In collaboration with Sprenger, the Veterinary University in Hanover started a new project. They examined more than 70 horses' heads and used various methods to take measurements. 

The analysis of this information produced unexpected results:

  • The interior of the volume of the mouth was less than had been previously thought.

  • The palate was both smaller and very often flatter than previously imagined.

  • The space left for a bit is therefore very limited.

Sprenger used this new information for the development of the KK Ultra. The aim was to improve the bits but not make them too severe. 

  1. As the palate is narrower than originally assumed the lozenge in the centre was shortened (no pressure on the palate).

  2. The angle of the link was turned at 45°. This ensures that when the reins are pulled the rounded link rests fully on the tongue without squeezing it.

  3. The tongue's sense of touch is utilised and clear instructions are given through the reins.

NOTE: The arrow on the mouthpiece must always be on the left hand side pointing forwards.

Available in a 16mm mouthpiece, in sizes 12.5cm, 13.5cm and 14.5cm.

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