Konnex Ported Baby Pelham
By Beris
Product ID: BB32
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The Beris Bits Konnex Ported Baby Pelham is a short-shanked pelham with a synthetic ported mouthpiece designed for equine comfort.


The Beris Konnex mouthpiece is broader than the standard Beris port, with a slimmer profile. It is designed to position itself in a comfortable position in the horse's mouth and provide more room for the tongue.

It is especially suitable for horses with little room in their mouths, for example Thoroughbred types, older horses with changes in dental alignment, horses with large tongues and those who do not tolerate tongue pressure.

The innovative design of the mouthpiece also ensures a better acceptance of the bit and facilitates communication between horse and rider.

Beris mouthpieces are made from a food-safe plastic compound, processed and with a surface finish unequalled so far in the field of plastic bits.

The surface is very smooth so they slide easily in the mouth, even if the horse does not produce much saliva.


Beris have developed an elegant and enhanced design of the classic Pelham bit.

The pelham can be used with two reins or with pelham roundings.

When rein is applied, the bit acts on the mouth, lower jaw and poll.

This 'baby' short shank version measures 5cm below the mouthpiece.

It is often useful for horses that have difficulties coming through at the poll, 'hot' horses, or on horses that require greater rider input in critical situations such as jump-offs.

Comes with curb hooks, bit rubbers and rope Pelham roundings.

Made in Germany.

Port height: 30mm
Mouthpiece thickness: 18mm

The Beris Konnex Ported Baby Pelham is available with short shanks (5cm below the mouth) in 13cm or 14cm with a soft or a hard mouthpiece.

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