McHardy Full Cheek Snaffle
Bombers Bits
Product ID: EBB54
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The McHardy mouthpiece from Bombers Bits is a hybrid between the Happy Tongue and Buster Roller. It is ported to allow space for the tongue, relieving pressure in this area and promoting relaxation, while the 40mm central roller encourages the horse to play with the bit and deters leaning.

This bit is often suitable for horses with large or sensitive tongues that tend to drop their head and lean on the bit.

The blue sweet iron mouthpiece oxidises easily, creating a warm, sweet taste in the horse's mouth. This encourages the horse to salivate, gently mouth the bit and relax his jaw, and can help horses who have difficulty accepting conventional metal bits.

Full cheeks can be useful for horses that are unsure of the bit, because the bit doesn't move around so much in the mouth as it would do with loose rings. The fixed nature of the mouthpiece can encourage the horse to stretch into the contact. The full cheeks also help to prevent pinching at the sides of the mouth.

The arms of the full cheeks assist with steering, as pressure is applied to the cheek when a turning aid is given. This can be useful for young horses, or schooling and training purposes. The cheeks also ensure that the mouthpiece remains in a central position and cannot slide through the horse's mouth.

Please note that the blue will fade with use.


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