Mullen Comfort 3 Ring Gag
By Beris
Product ID: BB24
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This Beris three ring gag is made from a soft flexible material, which is pleasant in the horse's mouth yet has a steel core for safety.


The mullen mouthpiece is a very mild unvarying mouthpiece that puts pressure on the tongue and lips, as well as slight pressure on the bars depending on the size of the horse's tongue.

This bit is often useful for horses with a very soft mouth who don't like complicated mouthpieces.


The three-ring gag combines effective lateral restriction, leverage and collection assistance. The level of control can be chosen with the use of different ring options, which changes the amount of leverage on the bit.

A curb strap can be added to the upper ring to add chin pressure while reducing poll pressure, helping to sit the horse up more into the fence.


The soft mouthpiece is flexible and pleasant in the horse's mouth, and is ideal for young or sensitive horses.

The hard mouthpiece is comparable to a traditional vulcanite bit in density. It remains very pleasant in the mouth, and is useful for stronger horses.

The Beris Mullen Comfort 3 Ring Gag is available in 13cm or 14cm, in hard or soft densities.

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