Mullen Eggbutt Butterfly Flip Bit
By Beris
Product ID: BB09
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The Beris Mullen Eggbutt Butterfly Flip Bit combines butterfly flip cheeks, which offer varying degrees of pressure depending on the position of the reins, with an eggbutt mullen mouthpiece.

Mullen Mouthpiece

The mullen mouthpiece is a very mild unvarying mouthpiece that puts pressure on the tongue and lips, as well as slight pressure on the bars depending on the size of the horse's tongue.

The mouthpiece has a gradual transition to the rings to help prevent pinching.

The soft mouthpiece is make from a supple, flexible material, which is pleasant in the horse's mouth yet has a steel core for safety. This bit is often useful for horses with a very soft mouth who don't like complicated mouthpieces.

The hard mouthpiece is made from a firm and non-flexible material that remains pleasant in the horse's mouth. It is often suitable for stronger horses or those that lean, as a less cumbersome alternative to vulcanite.

Butterfly Flip

The Butterfly Flip functions as both a direct action bit and a leverage bit depending on the position of the reins.

If the rein is attached to the top hook, it works as a direct action bit, exerting the same amount of pressure on the mouth as it felt through the reins. If the rein is attached to the bottom hook, it works as a leverage bit, tilting the mouthpiece forward and applying pressure to the mouth, curb and poll.

The fixed cheek eggbutt gives a more direct action than a loose ring.

This bit comes with a nylon curb strap attached.

This Beris bit is available in 13cm or 14cm, with a hard or a soft mouthpiece.

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