Ported Loose Ring Bradoon
By Beris
Product ID: BB27
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This Beris loose ring bradoon is made from a soft flexible material, which is pleasant in the horse's mouth yet has a steel core for safety. It is particularly suitable for young horses.

Ported Mouthpiece

This bit fits the horse's mouth anatomically so it sits in the perfect position. The flattened area on the port allows plenty of space for the horse's tongue. As a result, many horses respond with increased relaxation and chewing.

This bit is often suitable for horses that won't tolerate tongue pressure and react by headshaking.

This bit is also a good choice for those that tend to put their tongue over the bit. The port helps to prevent this be removing the central tongue pressure.

Please note that the 30mm high port is not dressage legal.

Loose Ring BRADOON

Loose ring bits are more mobile than eggbutt or fixed cheek bits, and therefore encourage the horse to keep a relaxed jaw and mouth the bit. Because the mouthpiece is mobile, it is difficult for the horse to take hold of the bit, making it useful for horses that lean.

This bit is also useful for promoting a soft and consistent contact because the moveable mouthpiece enables the bit to contour to the tongue's natural position and sit comfortably in the horse's mouth.

The rings move through copper sleeves, which increases the bit's durability. Bit rings help to prevent pinching.

Soft or Hard?

The soft mouthpiece is flexible and pleasant in the horse's mouth, and is ideal for young or sensitive horses.

The hard mouthpiece is comparable to a traditional vulcanite bit in density. It remains very pleasant in the mouth, and is useful for stronger horses.

The Beris Ported Bradoon is available with a soft or a hard mouthpiece in 13cm or 14cm, it has 6cm rings.

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