Running Gag with Rope Cheeks and Bit Rubbers
By Nathe
Product ID: EB32
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The Nathe Running Gag combines the extra mild mullen nathe mouthpiece with a running gag. This makes the bit useful for horses that tend to become overexuberant, lean on the forehand or pull during jumping or fast work, but have sensitive mouths.

Nathe bits

The Nathe mouthpiece has been designed for horses with sensitive, fussy or very light mouths. It is extremely gentle to the horse's mouth and tongue, and helps to activate salivation and softening to the contact. Not to be confused with cheaper, plastic mouthpieces, Nathe is soft and flexible, but not as bulky as rubber. A flexible steel inner core ensures safety.

The mullen mouth means that the nutcracker action associated with single jointed bits is eliminated, so pressure is spread evenly over the bars, lips and tongue. The loose rings keep the bit mobile in the horse's mouth, enhancing communication and further encouraging softening to the contact.

The delicate nature of the Nathe material can mean that if chewed by the horse it may result in damage to the nathe mouth or in extreme cases breakage.

Running/Balding Gag

The running gag, also known as a Balding gag when it has loose rings, helps to lift the horse's head, and is often used on horses that tend to lean, go on the forehand or pull. The cheekpieces slide through the holes in the bit rings, moving the mouthpiece upwards against the corners of the mouth and lips, which gives a clear indication to the horse to lift his head. It also exerts pressure against the mouth to bring the horse's nose inwards. The loose rings help to keep the bit mobile in the horse's mouth.

This bit can be used with two reins - one attached to the bit ring and one attached to the rope - so the gag action only comes into play when it is required. The rope slides through the rings more quickly than the leather, giving a more immediate command, whereas many people prefer the aesthetic appearance of the leather.

Comes with rope gag cheeks and nathe bit rubbers.

This Nathe bit is available in 13cm (5 1/8in) or 14cm (5 1/2in).

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