Titanium Segundo Full Cheek Snaffle
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Product ID: EBB98
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The Bombers Titanium Segundo Full Cheek Snaffle combines lightweight titanium with a jointed, ported mouthpiece that relieves tongue pressure and full cheek sides.

The Segundo is a double-jointed mouthpiece, with the middle section made up of a port angled at 45 degrees. This alleviates tongue pressure while keeping even pressure on the bars of the mouth, encouraging the horse to stay light to the contact. Horses that dislike tongue pressure are less likely to lean on this mouthpiece or put their tongue over the bit, due to increased comfort in this area.

The Full Cheek sides prevent pinching on the sides of the horse's mouth. The extended pins above and below the bit prevent the bit being pulled through the mouth, and also help to guide the horse's head, which is great for schooling purposes. The release is slower than that of a loose ring.

The titanium mouthpiece adds a number of positives to the proven Bombers horse bitting philosophy. It is anti-bacterial and bio-compatible, whilst boasting superior durability and remaining extremely lightweight in the horse's mouth. It increases salivation, is warm to the touch and encourages acceptance of the bit. Low maintenance and easy to clean, it is also hypoallergenic for the benefit of sensitive horses.

The Segundo port is scaled according to the width, to ensure accurate fitting over the bars. The 12.5cm and 13cm mouthpieces have a 40mm wide port and 13mm diameter mouthpiece, and sizes 13.5cm to 15cm have a 50mm wide port and 16mm diameter mouthpiece.

The Bombers Titanium Segundo Full Cheek Snaffle is available in sizes 12.5cm (just under 5in), 13.5cm (5 1/4in), 14.5cm (5 3/4in) or 15cm (just under 6in).

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