Waterford Beval Bit
Product ID: EBX09
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Also known as the Loop Ring Snaffle, this bit has two small rings within the main snaffle ring, which offers more control than plain snaffle rings.

The reins can be attached to a definite part of the bit to aid in establishing a correct outline, head carriage and responsiveness to the rein signals.

The bit can be used in two settings:

1 - With the top ring fixed to the cheek pieces, and the rein loose on the large part of the bit ring. This has a similar action to a hanging cheek or Baucher snaffle, applying slight poll pressure to lower the head.

2 - With the top ring fixed to the cheek pieces, and the rein attached to the small bottom ring. This has a mild gag action, applying poll pressure alongside a mild lever action to bring the bit upwards in the mouth. This can be a suitable bit for horses that tend to poke their noses or get long and strung out.

Waterford mouthpiece

The Waterford mouthpiece is made up of a series of ball links, making it flexible in all directions. It moulds around the horse's mouth, creating even pressure, so it is suitable for most types of mouth conformation, including horses with large tongues.

The moveable nature of the links and the loose rings encourage the horse to mouth the bit, soften to the contact and lift the forehand.

As there is nothing rigid for the horse to latch on to, the Waterford can be very useful for giving the rider extra control on horses that tend to lean on the bit, set their jaw or take hold of the bit.

Available in 5in, 5.5in or 6in.

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