Waterford Weymouth
Product ID: EB75
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The Waterford Weymouth is becoming increasingly popular among showing riders, as the ball-link mouthpiece helps to prevent the horse from leaning and becoming strong in a busy go-round.

The Waterford mouthpiece is made up of a series of ball links, making it flexible in all directions. It moulds around the horse's mouth, creating even pressure, so it is suitable for most types of mouth conformation, including horses with large tongues.

The moveable nature of the links and the swivel mouthpiece encourage the horse to mouth the bit, soften to the contact and lift the forehand. The bit acts on the poll and curb groove to ask the horse to lift the base of his neck and flex at the poll.

As there is nothing rigid for the horse to latch on to, the Waterford can be very useful for giving the rider extra control on horses that tend to lean on the bit, set their jaw or take hold of the bit.

Comes with a standard curb chain.

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