Y and W Twisted Mouth Full Cheek Snaffle
Product ID: EB19
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The Y and W Twisted Mouth Snaffle (also known as a twisted Barry snaffle) is made up of two offset twisted wire mouthpieces. This creates a displaced nutcracker action, causing increased pressure on the bars of the horse's mouth and sides of the tongue. The twists in the wire create further pressure where the edges contact the bars of the mouthpiece, while the thin mouthpieces give the rider a very high level of control. The bit helps to prevent the horse from leaning and promotes an instant response to the rein aids.

The full cheeks ensure that the mouthpiece remains central in the horse's mouth, and prevent it being pulled through the mouth. They also assist with steering, as pressure is applied on the opposite side of the face when the rider asks for a turn.

It is recommended that this bit is only used by experienced riders, as it has the potential to cause damage to the horse's mouth if used harshly.

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