D Collection Grackle Noseband Bridle
By Dy'on
Product ID: DY62
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The elegant Dy'on D Collection Grackle Noseband Bridle has a figure-of-eight noseband without rings for greater comfort over the facial crests.

The S-shaped headpiece has an accentuated curve, and the browband sits lower down on the headpiece than the previous design. This means the bridle sits further away from the base of your horse's ears - one of the most sensitive spots on the head - meaning there is less pressure in this area and makes it more suitable for the modern sports horse.

This bridle has a slightly square raised browband and noseband. It has a complete headpiece so the noseband attaches on both sides, allowing for easy and precise adjustment.

The grackle noseband has an innovative design, with padded leather where the rings would normally be, to reduce pressure on the sensitive facial nerves.

It has a luxuriously fluffy sheepskin pad where the straps cross at the front of the horse's nose for extra cushioning, while the rollered buckles help to prevent undue wear on the leather.

The browband and noseband are both finished with a fancy stitching design to complete the look.

The Dy'on D Collection is made from Grade 1 Catalan leather tanned in Igualana, Spain using a vegetable tanning method exclusively developed by Dy'on for the highest levels of quality using natural dyes for an English leather type finish.

The range features attractive cream stitching and polyvernis varnished brass buckles.

Reins sold separately.

The Dy'on D Collection Grackle Bridle is available in Black or Brown, in sizes Pony, Cob or Full.

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