Working Collection Flat Flash Bridle B162
By Dy'on
Product ID: DY19
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This stylish yet practical Dy'on Working Collection Bridle is ideal for everyday use, thanks to the clip cheekpieces that allow bits to be changed quickly and easily.

It is made from durable buffalo leather and features a wide, shaped anatomically designed headpiece. This is padded with 2mm of neoprene for comfort and is designed to ease pressure on the poll behind the horse's ears.

The noseband fastens to the headpiece with a buckle on each side, so there is no strap going over the poll.

This bridle has a flat leather noseband with removable flash strap, and a matching flat leather browband. The throatlash is adjustable and clips on, so it can be removed entirely if desired.

There is a rollered buckle on the noseband to prevent undue wear on the leather.

The Dy'on Working Collection Flat Flash Bridle has cream stitching and stainless steel fittings. It is available in Black or Brown, Full or Cob size.

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