eVysor Equine Goggles
By eQuick
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The innovative eQuick eVysor is designed to offer your horse's eyes the ultimate in 360 degree protection. It is revolutionary for assisting in the comfort of horses with eye injuries, sensitivity or disease.

The patented design uses the finest materials to offer protection from UV rays, wind, dust, sand and other external factors which may irritate your horse.

The eVysor is designed to fit over the horse's ears and fastens under the jaw. It has thick elasticated straps for optimum comfort.

The visors are made from extremely strong but flexible plastic to provide safe protection.

It is particularly useful in the following situations:

  • After eye surgery
  • Following eye injury
  • Uveitis
  • Cataracts
  • Photo sensitivity
  • Glaucoma
  • Eye scratching
  • Head shaking
  • Eye sensitivity from the wind

Note that the design and the air vents inlet on the lenses may vary from the photos

This product is designed for use when riding. It is entirely at the owner's discretion whether the visor should be used for turnout, and it is highly recommended that the horse is not left unsupervised when wearing it.

Luminous transmittance:
Clear: 98.08%
Orange: 46.28%
Blue: 42.63%
Green: 38.41%
Rainbow: 19.85%
Dark: 10.45%

Filter Category:
Clear: 0
Orange: 1
Blue: 2
Green: 2
Rainbow: 2
Dark: 3

The eQuick eVysor is available in one adjustable size with a choice of clear, dark, metallic orange,  metallic blue, mirrored green or mirrored rainbow lenses.

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