Rein-Bows Rein Loops
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Rein-Bows are handy loops that clip onto the reins and are held in the rider's hands in addition to the reins to ensure a consistent length of rein is kept.

They help riders to develop a more secure grip on the reins, prevent the reins slipping through the fingers and ensure that both reins remain the same length. The Rein-Bows enable riders to keep their hands quieter and in the most effective position.

Rein-Bows can be useful on horses that tend to lean and pull, as they prevent the reins being pulled through the rider's hands. They can also be useful for keeping a consistent rein contact in wet weather, as they are designed not to slip on rubber grip reins, whatever the conditions.

We have conducted tests on the types of reins you can use Rein-Bows with, and we find that Rein-Bows fit best on traditional thick rubber reins. They will work on rubber reins with leather notches, but only if you want them to sit where the notches are, otherwise they will move. They do not work on Bio Grip style reins, and they slip a little on the Dy'on rubber reins.

Please see our Rein-Bows blog article for more information on fitting Rein-Bows.

Available in Black or Brown.

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